Board Evaluation including Director 360


Board evaluation including Director 360

A well-conducted board evaluation helps the Chair to:

  • assess the balance of skills within the board;
  • identify attributes required for any new appointments;
  • review practices and procedures to improve efficiency and effectiveness;
  • consider the effectiveness of the board’s decision making processes;
  • recognise the board’s outputs and achievements.

The UK Corporate Governance Code recommends that boards should undertake a formal and rigorous annual evaluation of their own performance and that of their committees and individual directors. The board Chair should act on the results of the performance evaluation by recognising the strengths and addressing the weaknesses of the board and, where appropriate, proposing new members be appointed to the board or seeking the resignation of current directors.

Individual evaluation should aim to show whether each director continues to contribute effectively and to demonstrate commitment to the role (including commitment of time for board and committee meetings and any other duties).

The excellencia Board evaluation program including Director 360 consists of 4 elements which can be accessed separately or combined to form a tailored program of facilitated support for the Board as it considers its strategic effectiveness and capability to meet future challenges.

  1. Board evaluation including Director 360Board effectiveness questionnaire – on-line questionnaire completed by all board members individually giving directors the opportunity to compare their own assessment of performance and contribution with that of their peers. Working with the Board Chairman, we select the most appropriate evaluation questions for the questionnaire which will cover the following:
    • Self-assessment of Board effectiveness
    • Self-assessment of individual contributions to the Board
    • Director 360 – 3600 Assessment of the contributions of fellow directors to the Board including the effectiveness of contributions across a full range of issues, willingness of individuals to take a lead on issues including those outside their direct area of responsibility, and the ability to keep up to date with new issues and bring them to the attention of the Board where appropriate.
    • Director 360 – 3600 assessment of Board behaviours including: listening, constructive challenge to others, conflict avoidance, openness to challenge and building a consensus

    Analysis and Feedback from the Board effectiveness questionnaire is presented to the Chairman of the Board to enable him or her to feedback the results of the Director 360 to individual directors confidentially prior to the facilitated presentation of anonymised results to the Board as a whole.

  2. Facilitated Strategic away day– provides an opportunity to assess the effectiveness of the Board in determining the organisations’ strategic goals. Typically, the day will include:
    • Refresh of the organisation’s vision (Postcard from the future)
    • Factors which might impact on achievement of the vision (Three Horizons)
    • Capability to deliver current strategy / business plan (Board Succession Plan)
    • Discussion of the organisation’s values
    • Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Threats (SWOT analysis)
  3. Observed Board – a structured observation of a regular Board meeting to objectively assess Board effectiveness and individual contribution. The report is presented to the Board Chairman to enable him or her to feedback the observations to individual directors confidentially prior to the facilitated presentation of anonymised results to the Board as a whole.
  4. Board Development Plan – a detailed board and individual development plan to enable the findings from the evaluation process to be converted into a tailored programme of individual and collective development activities. The plan will include formal learning programmes, individual and team coaching and mentoring.

The Excellencia Board evaluation process consists of the following steps:

  1. Design the on-line evaluation questionnaire. We will work with the Chair, using a set of template questions, to create a tailored evaluation questionnaire for the board, Template questions can be modified or new questions can be created as required.
  2. Board members complete the questionnaire on-line. Once invitations have been circulated by e-mail to board members, the Chair is kept informed of progress and notified of any outstanding responses.
  3. Analysis of questionnaire responses. We analyse the questionnaire responses and present them to the Chair so that they can feedback to the board members individually before the anonymised results are presented to the board.
  4. Identification of further development. Working with the Chair we identify what further development is required for the board.

To find out how the excellencia Board evaluation program can measure and improve the effectiveness of your Board contact David Doughty ( or call 01437 731 161