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The Enterprise LEADER Team Development Program gives business owners, directors and managers the tools, methodology and framework to build and develop their staff into high performance business teams with the knowledge, skills and motivation to take the business to the next level.

The program is delivered in the workplace at a time and pace which is tailored to staff needs and the demands of the business. 

The Enterprise Leader program will help you to grow your business by:

  1. Unifying your senior management team; getting them focused on the growth and new direction of the company.
  2. Developing the leadership capability of your senior management team, helping them to get the best from their teams; improving team/company performance and results.
  3. Aligning your entire workforce behind agreed company goals and objectives
  4. Closing the gap between your senior management team and the rest of your employees
  5. Instilling a new common language and ‘total customer focus’ throughout the company
  6. Turning your workforce into a salesforce, ensuring every employee feels responsible for sales, marketing and customer service.
  7. In every area of your business creating high performance teams, which are engaged, motivated, accountable and have strong levels of communication and collaboration.
  8. Improving performance and results (including revenues and profits).


[wptabtitle]Benefits [/wptabtitle]


Enterprise LEADER is a team development program which will help you drive change and dramatically improve the performance and results of your business by moulding your staff into high performance teams.

Have 20 structured conversations with the people who matter most to the growth of your business – your staff

The Enterprise LEADER Team Development Program provides the framework to help you to get your staff working together in cohesive business teams – each with an in-depth understanding of the key drivers for the success of your business – customers, teams and personal leadership.

These key drivers form the three core themes of the program – and it is these same three core themes which all high performance business teams and business leaders excel in.

The Benefits that you can expect to gain from the three core themes of the Enterprise LEADER Team Development Program are as follows:

Benefits from sessions 1 to 5 – Focus on Customers

    • Get your team re-focused on your customers and prospective customers
    • Put your customer 100% at the centre of your business
    • Improve your customers’ experience
    • Create a new language in team members which is much more commercial and customer focused
    • Turn your workforce into your salesforce
    • Make your team members ‘marketing savvy’
    • Make team members alive to new revenue opportunities
    • Get your team tuned in to the commercial side of your business

Benefits from sessions 6 to 10 – Focus on Teams

    • Get team members to work better together as a team
    • Improve team collaboration, communication and cooperation
    • Get the right people in the right places in your team
    • Get team members to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and the value each person brings to the team
    • Get the team aligned behind common goals and a shared vision
    • Make team members more accountable and take more ownership and responsibility for their results and actions
    • Create a high performance team

Benefits from sessions 11 to 20 – Focus on Personal Leadership

    • Get team members inspired, engaged, motivated and passionate
    • Instill new level of belief and confidence in team members
    • Break through personal limiting beliefs
    • Get team members to step outside their comfort zone
    • Get team members to turn past failures into future successes
    • Align personal goals with company goals
    • Develop the leadership ability of each team member
    • Spot hidden talents
    • Unlock the potential of each team member


[wptabtitle]Results [/wptabtitle]


The Enterprise LEADER Team development program delivers tangible improvements to your bottom line by enabling your staff to tackle the challenges faced by your business as it grows.

Businesses who have used Enterprise LEADER to develop their teams have consistently achieved the following results:

Increase in:

    • Revenues and profits
    • Attraction of new customers (lower marketing costs)
    • Retention of existing customers
    • Up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
    • Customer satisfaction and word of mouth referrals
    • Generation of new cost saving / profit generation / process improvement ideas
    • Process execution and efficiency
    • Achievement of KPIs, targets, budgets, goals
    • Employee retention

Decrease in:

    • Customer attrition
    • Unhappy customers
    • Employee turnover (lower employment costs)


[wptabtitle]How it works [/wptabtitle]


How it works

If you are a business owner, director or manager looking to drive change and improve the performance and results of your business, the Enterprise LEADER Team Development Program can help you.

Enterprise LEADER is a business focused team development program which business owners, directors and managers use to build and strengthen their own teams in the workplace, at a time and pace which suits them.

Built around 20 team development sessions — which can be explored over 20 days, 20 weeks, 20 months or any interval or schedule in-between which works for you — Enterprise LEADER explores three core themes of customers, teams and personal leadership. It is these three core themes that all high performing business teams and business leaders excel in.

Built from the principles of NLP modelling and interviews with over 50 leading UK CEOs, entrepreneurs and business leaders, Enterprise LEADER has its DNA firmly in the world of business.

Through the tools, methodology/framework and rich engaging content of Enterprise LEADER, you can take your team on a unforgettable journey, unlocking the potential of each team member, and instilling new thinking, attitudes and behaviours into your team.

As a result of using Enterprise LEADER, you can expect to build a high performance team which is more in tune with your company and customers — and is better equipped to deliver results for you.

This comes about from developing higher levels of engagement, motivation, communication, collaboration, goal alignment, accountability, ownership, customer focus and overall team performance.

If you know your team can perform at a higher level, and you want to improve the performance and business results of your team — Enterprise LEADER will work for you.

A typical Enterprise LEADER team building session – facilitated by a manager/executive.

Enterprise LEADER brings team members together to talk, share, learn, explore ideas and get focused. This is done through group face-to-face team building sessions (which your own managers and executives or an external coach/consultant/trainer facilitate).

Ahead of each team building session, team members will have first listened to a 15-minute audio development session (helping to get everybody on the same page) and will have completed several workbook exercises.

Over the course of 20 sessions, team members will explore three core themes of ‘customers, teams and personal leadership’ — applying all they learn to their own work and your business.


[wptabtitle]Case Studies [/wptabtitle]


Case Studies

One of the best ways to understand how and why Enterprise LEADER works is to review how it has been used within other companies and see the results they have achieved. These are the same type of results you can achieve in your own company (and team) too. For a deeper insight into Enterprise LEADER, take a look at the following three case studies.

    • Learn how executives at Haylor Freyer & Coon insurance brokers used Enterprise LEADER throughout their 230 person agency to create high performance teams.
    • Read how CEO Danny Finchan of ALL Task Construction has used Enterprise LEADER to get his management team and employees focused on the same goals — and increased revenues, profits and overall growth at the same time.
    • Discover how Richard Hammonds, CEO of Hammond Furniture used Enterprise LEADER to close the gap between his sales and operations teams and transform the culture in his 1,000+ employee business.





Enterprise LEADER is a structured development program which uses a combination of group face-to-face training sessions, audio training sessions and workbook exercises to instil new learning, drive behavioural change and introduce a new language and mindset into management and their teams.

The 20 training sessions of Enterprise LEADER are broken down into three core themes of Customers, Teams and Personal Leadership as follows:

Sessions 1 to 5: Focus on CLIENTS and CUSTOMERS

  1. Growth Through Innovation, Creativity and Change
  2. Gaining New Customers Through ‘Word of Mouth Marketing’
  3. How To Maximise The Life-Time Value of Your Customers
  4. Why Everybody In Your Company Must Be A Salesperson
  5. The Six Fundamentals of Business That You Must Master

Sessions 6 to 10 : Focus on TEAMS

  1. People! The Key To Unlocking Your Profit Potential
  2. Seven Essential Steps To Make Your Team Believe
  3. How To Maximise Your Results Through Communication
  4. Seven Proven Strategies To Get The Most From Your Team
  5. Motivation! How To Get Your People To Go The Extra Mile 

Sessions 11 to 20 : Focus on EMPLOYEES and PERSONAL LEADERSHIP

  1. Half-Way Review and Introduction To Personal Leadership
  2. How To Develop Unshakable Confidence & Self Belief
  3. The Unstoppable Twin Force of Passion & Desire
  4. How To Eliminate Your Fears, Doubts and Limiting Beliefs
  5. How To Create Endless Opportunity and Make Luck Work For You
  6. How To Achieve Extraordinary Results Through The Power of Goals
  7. The Five Advance Payments You Must Make To Reach Your Goals
  8. How To Achieve Any Goal You Set For Yourself
  9. Why Experiencing Failure Is Essential For You To Succeed!
  10. Your Role as an Enterprise Leader

Enterprise LEADER training is proven time and time again to deliver results using its repeatable structured framework, methodology, content, tools and training approach.


Enterprise LEADER is delivered over a number of weeks during which team members meet face-to-face on a regular basis to explore each of the 20 subjects.

Ahead of each face-to-face session, team members will have first listened to a 15 minute audio training session and completed the relevant exercises (it is in these preparatory materials that a lot of the basic knowledge transfer happens).

During the face-to-face sessions, team members will discuss the learning from the audio/workbook exercises and learn how to apply it to their own company and teams (it is in the face-to-face sessions that the greatest behavioural change and personal/business development happens).

The Excellencia Enterprise LEADER Program Facilitator will initially lead and facilitate the group face-to-face training sessions, helping to bring the senior management team together through a series of meaningful conversations, and apply the learning from Enterprise LEADER to your own business environment.

Each face-to-face training session will last between 1 and 2 hours and will take place onsite at your offices.

In leading and facilitating the sessions, the Excellencia Enterprise LEADER Program Facilitator will help apply the learning from the audio sessions to your own business.

It is anticipated that the Excellencia Enterprise LEADER Program Facilitator will be onsite to lead and facilitate the first five training sessions with the senior management team. He/she will then move into a post-training supportive role helping the senior management team members as they each take turns in leading and facilitating the remaining face-to-face sessions. The Excellencia Enterprise LEADER Program Facilitator will attend the remaining sessions as required.

By leading and facilitating the first five sessions, the Excellencia Enterprise LEADER Program Facilitator will show the senior management team how they can later use Enterprise LEADER to develop the rest of their workforce.

An important element in the leadership development of your senior management team is the fact that after experiencing Enterprise LEADER for themselves, they can take the rest of the workforce through the program at a later date.

This approach of the leaders becoming trainers cements the learning from Enterprise LEADER into the senior management team, and also instills the learning and development principles into the rest of the workforce. By the leaders taking their own teams (or cross functional teams) through Enterprise LEADER, they will help achieve the benefits of the program

Going forward, the Excellencia Enterprise LEADER Program Facilitator will provide ongoing post training support to the senior management team as they personally take the rest of their employees through the Enterprise LEADER program.


The total investment required to train and develop your senior management team using the integrated Enterprise LEADER training program will depend on the number of employees on the program.

A typical package costing £10,000 (+VAT) would include the following:

  • Provision of the core Enterprise LEADER training program for named senior managers
  • 9 man days of development training and ongoing training support provided by the Excellencia Enterprise LEADER Program Facilitator. This is broken down into:
    • 8 Hours Needs analysis
    • 4 hr kick off (pre-training) session
    • 5 x 4hr (20 hrs) on-site training sessions (the Excellencia Enterprise LEADER Program Facilitator acting as lead facilitator)
    • 15 x  2hrs (30hrs) on-line video training sessions (providing support to senior management team as they each take it in turns to facilitate the sessions)
    • Provision of core Enterprise LEADER training program for the remaining employees (with your senior managers taking their team through the program).
    • Upto 10 hours ongoing telephone training and support as senior managers train the rest of their team with Enterprise LEADER.

If your business qualifies you could get up to 50% of the cost of the Enterprise Leader Program funded as part of the Growth Accelerator Scheme.

Under the government’s Leadership & Management training scheme you may be entitled to claim £2,000 back towards the cost of the Enterprise Leader Program for each senior director or manager that takes part – so the package outlined above would only cost you £5,000 (+VAT)

If you are committed to driving your business forward each year, growing by as much as 20% (or more), and you have identified that you need to develop your people to reach your growth goals, there can be no better proposition than the Enterprise Leader high performance business team development program.


[wptabtitle]Program Facilitators[/wptabtitle]


Program Facilitators

David Doughty CDir FIoD

David Doughty - Chartered DirectorDavid Doughty is a Chartered Director and highly experienced Non-Executive, Chief Executive, Chair, Entrepreneur and Business Mentor. David has extensive executive and non-executive experience in small and medium enterprises in private and public sectors. He is also a board level consultant to multi-national organisations and a Chartered Director Ambassador for the Institute of Directors.

David is a registered and approved Growth Coach for GrowthAccelerator helping ambitious businesses achieve rapid and sustainable growth by providing tailored expert advice. See his LinkedIn profile here: 


Glen Maxwell-Heron BA

Glen Maxwell-HeronGlen Maxwell-Heron spent 13 years as an Engineer Officer in the R

oyal Navy, serving both at sea and in shore jobs learning how to motivate teams and lead people in challenging operational and project environments. Since leaving the Navy, he spent 10 years delivering multi-million pound IT and business change projects for the Government and banking sectors that involved extensive team building and management experience. He has recently returned from nearly 4 years in Japan where he was working as a business consultant delivering organisational change for ex-patriot companies and preparing Japanese executives working for blue chip Japanese companies for doing business with other countries and cultures.

Since returning to the UK last year, Glen has gained accreditation from the British Psychological Society to psychometrically test for both personality and ability. He has also set up St Andrews Consulting to use these new tools, along with his previous business experience, to deliver transformational improvement in leadership ability and team performance. He has also built up a network of associates who are able to help him tackle a highly diverse range of problems and ensure that any project is a success


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To find out more about the Enterprise LEADER Team Development Program and to make an appointment for one of our program facilitators to visit you for a no-obligation consultation call 01173 827 820 or e-mail David Doughty (david.doughty@excellencia.co.uk)

If your business qualifies you could get up to 50% of the cost of the Enterprise Leader Program funded as part of the Growth Accelerator Scheme.

Under the government’s Leadership & Management training scheme you may be entitled to claim £2,000 back towards the cost of the Enterprise Leader Program for each senior director or manager that takes part.

If you are committed to driving your business forward each year, growing by as much as 20% (or more), and you have identified that you need to develop your people to reach your growth goals, there can be no better proposition than the Enterprise Leader high performance business team development program.




enterprise leader

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