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UK Corporate Governance Code 2018

A new version of the UK Corporate Governance Code was published in July 2018 and takes effect from 1 January ...
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health & safety

Did you know that health & safety law is getting a new set of very sharp teeth?

For many years it’s been almost a tradition for companies to treat the subject of health & safety management as ...
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Is your board dysfunctional?

Does your board have directors who trust each other, are committed, are comfortable with conflict, hold each other to account ...
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Delegation of Health and Safety: the pitfalls

Directors must resist the temptation to delegate their health and safety duties Admiral Hyman G. Rickover (USN), who was known ...
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Join the Excellencia LinkedIn Group – Connect with others interested in Corporate Governance

The Excellencia LinkedIn group, provides an on-line forum to share best-practice and help you stay on top of the latest ...
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The UK Corporate Governance Code 2014 Update

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has issued an updated version of the UK Corporate Governance Code (the Code) The latest ...
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Exactly what should company directors do?

For the first time in law, the 2006 UK Companies Act sets out what a company directors duties are The ...
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Becoming a Non-Executive Director can be a win-win-win situation

When an SME executive takes a Non-Executive Director position on another SME board, not only does it benefit the individual ...
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NHS Trust board dysfunctional says independent board governance review

Independent review of board governance by Deloitte finds serious problems at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust The board running a debt-ridden NHS ...
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