Strategic Risk Governance


Strategic Risk Governance – A one-day workshop for company directors

strategic risk governanceAre you aware of the director’s role in effectively governing risk and being equipped with the tools to do so?

The June 2013 report by distinguished risk professionals on over 40 company failures, published by insurance group Airmic, concludes that firms

“… had underlying weaknesses that made them especially prone both to crises and to the escalation of a crisis into a disaster. These weaknesses … potentially inherent in all organisations … can pose an existential threat to any firm, however substantial, that fails to recognise and manage them. These risk areas are beyond the scope of insurance and mainly beyond the reach of traditional risk analysis and management techniques as they have evolved so far.”

This report identified seven areas of weakness. The top two were board level skills gaps and board risk blindness.

This one-day workshop aims to improve your risk governance skills and begin to improve your strategic risk vision.

Strategic Risk Governance
A one-day workshop for company directors

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Who should attend?

Executive and Non-Executive Directors of companies in the private, public and voluntary sectors.

What to expect?

  • Clarifies the role of a company director in effectively governing risk
  • Provides the tools necessary to enable effective strategic risk governance

Course objectives

Drawing upon up-to-date case study examples and interactive sessions you will learn:

  • What makes strategic risks different from operational risks
  • Where to look and how to identify the key strategic risks you may face
  • The key failure modes of strategic risk governance at board level
  • How to improve your strategic risk evaluation
  • The behavioural blind-spots that impede your board level risk evaluations
  • The key processes that your board could adopt to improve its risk governance skills
  • How to improve your organisation’s strategic risk mitigation

Course Leaders:

Neil Britten CDir FIoD

NeilPhotoNeil Britten is a UK Institute of Directors, qualified Chartered Director, non-executive chairman and director with over a decade’s board level experience of strategy, risk governance and strategic performance monitoring.

Prior to roles as a professional director he was Vice President for a major international consulting firm focused on strategy and strategic change and an executive with a major oil and chemicals conglomerate. His experience spans work, in the UK, France, Australia and over 20 other countries, as an executive in and advisor to mostly large, multinational corporations in technology, oil & gas, consumer goods, manufacturing and financial services sectors. He has also acted as an advisor to private equity investors in start-ups and SMEs. private and public sectors.See his LinkedIn profile here: 

Tom Coyne

TCImageTom Coyne has served as the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Risk officer and Director of public and private companies and not-for-profit organizations in the United States and Canada.

He began his career at Chase Manhattan Bank in South America, and later joined the London office of a major global consulting firm, where he led its Corporate Growth Center of Excellence. For the past three years, Tom has been a member of the leading team in the United States Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency’s forecasting tournament. He has also written for a number of investment research publications on the subjects of risk management and asset allocation. His papers on strategic risk governance and strategy evaluation are top downloads from the Social Science Research Network. See his LinkedIn profile here: 

Key Details

Duration: 1 day
Location: Oxford, Bristol

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The fee includes lunch, refreshments and a copy of the course handbook

Attendance counts as 6 CPD hours of structured learning

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