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When is it OK to Leave Marketing to the Marketing Department?

Before we answer the first question, here’s another: what percentage of companies have marketing strategy as an item on the agenda of their regular board meeting? 75%? 50%? It’s tough to guess, but probably fewer than you might think. So here’s a simpler question: how frequently is marketing strategy discussed ...
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Boardroom Briefing – Strategic Risk Governance#1 – the role of Non-Executives

Non-Executives are key to productive boardroom conversations Boards of directors carry many responsibilities of course, and balancing the demands on the board’s time is one of the key challenges for all chairmen. Many well-informed commentators, such as the Institute of Directors, agree that critical roles for the board include setting direction and ...
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Boardroom Briefing – Health & Safety #3

“Reasons why I don’t …” by Andy Farrall Health & Safety specialists never cease to be amazed by the “reasons” given by senior managers as to why they don’t see the need for effective Health & Safety management systems, and some of these “reasons” are analysed below. What is rather ...
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Boardroom Briefing – Health & Safety #2

"Plan for an accident? Why ever should I do that?" by Andy Farrall In my previous article, “Health & Safety law just ain’t fair!” , I pointed out that UK health & safety law is sometimes biased against employers, and so it’s vital that companies have an accident management strategy in place before ...
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Boardroom Briefing – Health & Safety #1

“Health & Safety law just ain’t fair!” by Andy Farrall Not the most grammatical of headlines, I grant you, but the sentiment is one that many directors and managers might feel is well justified – especially if they’ve been on the receiving end of a Health & Safety prosecution. Is their sentiment ...
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David Doughty CDir FIoD FCIM CITP FBCS


David is a Chartered Director and highly experienced Non-Executive, Chief Executive, Chair, Entrepreneur and Business Mentor. David has extensive executive and non-executive experience in small and medium enterprises in private and public sectors. He is also a board level consultant to multi-national organisations and a Chartered Director Ambassador for the Institute of Directors. See his LinkedIn profile here

Andy Farrall

Andy FarrallAndy has his own health & safety practice, Management & Safety Training Ltd, which in turn has its own specialist industrial accident investigation division, iNDAXCON. He is a highly experienced and internationally qualified investigator, consultant and trainer, qualified in both the health & safety and training sectors.

A Fellow of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, a chartered safety & health practitioner (chartered both with IOSH in the UK and SIA in Australia) and a member of the UK Occupational Safety & Health Consultants Register (OSHCR), he has a proven track record in fields as diverse as accident investigation, lone worker safety, construction safety, and health & safety training.

Previously a specialist investigator with two élite UK law enforcement agencies (including responsibility for the management of complex international fraud enquiries) he became an accredited security trainer and assessor with the City of Bristol College. His move into the health & safety sector has included a wide range of training/ consultancy projects. See his LinkedIn profile here