Board Effectiveness Diagnostics and Reviews


Excellencia Board Effectiveness Diagnostics and Governance Reviews


Excellencia have been providing Board Effectiveness and Governance reviews to boards in the public, private and voluntary sectors since 2009.

In particular, Excellencia has significant experience working with boards in:

  • NHS Trusts and NHS provider social enterprises and charities
  • Housing Associations
  • Public sector regulators and other bodies

Over the past nine years Excellencia has worked with boards to identify corporate governance issues and help them improve their governance structures and develop board members to make them more effective.

Experience gained through working with Regulators and other Government sponsored bodies has highlighted the governance issues faced by these bodies in the absence of a profit motive and readily identifiable stakeholder requirements similar to shareholder imperatives.

Excellencia clients include the following organisations:

  • Bristol Community Health CIC
  • North Somerset Community Partnership CIC
  • British Small Animal Veterinary Association
  • Oxfordshire Science Festival
  • Transforming Systems
  • Taf Housing Association
  • London Cremation Plc
  • Phone Paid Services Authority
  • Shire Multi Academy Trust
  • Northern Housing Consortium Limited
  • Your Homes Newcastle Limited
  • Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Tamworth Borough Council
  • Warwickshire Rural Community Council
  • South Essex Partnership NHS Trust
  • Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust
  • Widecells Plc
  • GlaxoSmithKline Plc
  • Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA)
  • HM Treasury
  • Public Health England
  • Shell UK
  • The Community Housing Group
  • Said Business School
  • University of Central Lancashire
  • Trinity House
  • Wesleyan Assurance Society

In a small number of cases, Excellencia has facilitated a radical change in governance structure which has greatly reduced the governance costs and, more importantly, has increased the quality and speed of strategic decision making by the board.

In the majority of cases, Excellencia’s interventions have led to a marked improvement in the understanding of individual board members or their roles, responsibilities and fiduciary duties together with a demonstrable improvement in the way board members work together as a cohesive team.

In assisting clients, Excellencia would examine all aspects of the organisation’s governance and make recommendations for improvements where relevant.

The Board Effectiveness Review is the starting point for a dialogue with individual board members and with the board as a whole which leads to the implementation of a development plan to rectify any defects in governance and the relationship between the board and key stakeholders.

Excellencia are able to add value to the organisation’s governance by bringing current best-practice from other sectors and up-to-date research from leading practitioners around the world

David Doughty

CDir FIoD FCIM, Chief Executive, Excellencia Limited

Named by Thomson Reuters as the UK’s top social influencer in Risk, Compliance and RegTech in 2017 and 2018 Planet Compliance Top 50 RegTech influencer, David Doughty (@DavidDoughty) is a Corporate Governance expert and business mentor who works with company directors to assist them in building their boards and ensuring they are as effective as they possibly can be. David discusses a range of topics online, from corporate governance to compliance and risk management.

David is Chief Executive of Excellencia, providing Board effectiveness and Leadership development services to organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors. He is a director of Executive Transitions Network, an organisation that supports those who are changing career or are embarking on or already have a portfolio career and he also chairs the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare which promotes triple-bottom-line sustainability in healthcare.

David is the Governance Consultant for the British Small Animal Veterinary Association and is a director of Talent4Boards Inc. He writes about Corporate Governance for Board Agenda magazine and the Corporate Governance Institute and has contributed to a number of publications and web-sites.

Previously he chaired the Thames Valley Health Innovation and Education Cluster (TV HIEC), a publicly funded partnership authorised by the Department of Health to improve innovation and education within the NHS across the Thames Valley and was Chief Executive of the Oxfordshire Economic Partnership (OEP) – a partnership between private, public and voluntary sectors, which was responsible for strategic economic development across Oxfordshire and ensuring that the county was a competitive sub-region, both nationally and internationally.

David is an entrepreneurial sales and marketing specialist with strong analytical and commercial skills. He has extensive executive and non-executive experience in small and medium enterprises in both the private and public sectors and is also a consultant at Board level to multi-national organisations.

A physicist and engineer by training, David has started and developed a number of businesses latterly in the IT sector. He was one of the first people in the country to become a Chartered Director and holds a Masters in Company Direction from Leeds Business School.

David Doughty will work directly with the Chair, Company Secretary and Board Review lead to identify the content for the on-line questionnaires which will be delivered via a secure web-site.

Individual one-to-one interviews with board members will be arranged as practically as possible, given the inevitable time constraints on board members.

David Doughty will conduct the board and board committee observations on the days scheduled for these meetings

It is recommended that a facilitated board workshop is conducted on the topic of strategy, strategic finance or strategic risk management as a way to surface issues which might not necessarily emerge during board or board committee meetings and as a way to observe how board members work together. David Doughty would facilitate this workshop.

Regular communication by e-mail and telephone will be used to ensure that the Board Review meets the required timescales.

David Doughty will discuss the findings of the review with the Chair, Company Secretary and/or Board Review lead, as appropriate, prior to producing the final report and board development plan, which will then be presented to the board in person.

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