Is your board dysfunctional?

Does your board have directors who trust each other, are committed, are comfortable with conflict, hold each other to account and are focused on results?

UK Corporate Governance Code 2018

What's in the latest version of the UK Corporate Governance Code?

Risk management is no longer just about financial risks

Strategic Risk management is more about reputation than finance

How to become a Non-Executive Director – London 22 October 2019

Find out hoe to secure your first NED role

The Effective Executive Director

Improve your performance as an Executive Director

The Effective Non-Executive Director

Learn how to become more effective as a Non-Executive Director

The Effective NHS Non-Executive Director

Improve your performance as an NHS Non-Executive Director

How to Chair a Board effectively

Learn the art of effective Board Chairmanship

Board Evaluation including Director 360

The excellencia Board evaluation - a tailored program of facilitated Board support

Finance for Non-Finance Directors

The essential finance course for all company directors



Welcome to excellencia – your route to Corporate Governance excellence.

excellencia - your route to Corporate Governance excellence
Excellencia provides Corporate Governance, leadership development and board effectiveness interventions to organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors. Using a combination of facilitation, coaching, mentoring and training Excellencia supports whole board development for Chairs, Executives and Non-Executive Directors.


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bite sized boardroom

The bite sized boardroom is the essential resource for boards in private, public and not-for-profit sectors.